Saturday, August 26, 2017

For questions on Saturday, call 404-413-5908


8:00am Check in – Kopleff Recital Hall Lobby
8:30am Welcome, Warm Up and Double Reed Ensemble Rehearsal
8:30-9:00am – Stage: Beginner Track Ensemble Rehearsal
9:00-9:30am – Stage: Combined Tracks Ensemble Rehearsal
9:30-9:55am – Stage: Advanced Track Ensemble Rehearsal
10:00am Master Classes
Advanced Oboes: Stage (G. Giovannetti)
Beginning Oboes: Greenroom (L. Dahl)
All Bassoons: Art Gallery Lobby (J. Grove)
11:00am Master Classes
All Oboes: Stage (G. Giovannetti)
 All Bassoons: Art Gallery Lobby (C. Smith)
 12:00pm  Exhibits and Lunch Break
 1:30pm  Artist Recital in Kopleff Recital Hall
 2:20pm  Break
 2:35pm  Double Reed Ensemble Rehearsal
2:35-3:10pm – Combined Tracks Ensemble Rehearsal
 3:10-3:35pm – Advanced Track Ensemble Rehearsal
 3:35-3:50pm – Beginner Track Ensemble Rehearsal
 4:00pm  Farewell Concert: Double Reed Ensemble

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